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About is about the heart and soul at work. Herz is German for heart. Heart is crucial. I operate with heart, with soul, with intention and I work best with those who share such a modus operandi. Those who want to tap in to their own heart and soul. is not your standard communications shop. We also make playlists, and talk a ton about being a woman in the world now.

But I also have some chops.

With a background in policy, years of management experience, a passion for team work and a soft spot for powerful women and sea turtles, we’ll work really hard on whatever it is you're tackling.

the all day and night job / photo by  jacob alan mccosh

the all day and night job / photo by jacob alan mccosh

About Cameron.


I’m Cameron! I’m an INFJ. I cry like 10 times a day. But also I work really hard and get shit done.

I have a master's degree in public policy which not only makes me a huge dork, but also a succinct and direct communicator of sometimes complex information. Spreadsheets are the bomb.

But from the start, I’m a creative. When I wasn’t beating all the boys in my 5th grade math class I was taking art lessons; oil painting instead of playing soccer. I love afternoons spent brainstorming, throwing ideas at a wall, and turning far-fetched thoughts into concrete words.

And I love teams, despite my lack of organized sports as kid. We’re better together and there’s room for everyone.

Why the German, you may ask. I spent one year in Berlin, Germany as a fellow with the Robert Bosch Stiftung and it was transformative. Living as a guest in another culture taught me to listen, to look, and to learn with more patience and humility. The year tested my resolve and confidence and played a crucial part in defining who I am. My heart grew three sizes while abroad, partly because my daughter was born, partly because I learned to love a country besides my own, but also because I was lost and misunderstood all day, every day.

Before heading off for life unknown in Germany, I managed and helped to found a think tank in Washington, DC. During my time there I grew our non-profit from its humble beginnings in various coffee shops to a 30-person team and a $10 million budget. The National Journal felt I did a great job at that, and named me one of the 25 Most Influential Washington Women Under 35 in 2013.

No pressure.

Some of my other passions of late include mastering the cooking of chicken, making playlists, using my body and sweating, seeing and feeling and experiencing new places, and making the world better for all women everywhere.

Those with whom I love to work.

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