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Communications coaching. 

I’ve been communicating ideas, visions, and products that do good for 15+ years. I’ve managed marketing and sales teams, consultants, influencers, and campaigns. I have a lot to share! Coaching with me isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. I don’t think everyone needs an Instagram/Facebook/Whatever. Communications and marketing is becoming more and more about authenticity. Customers don’t want to see your outsourced campaign, run by people that don’t carry the heart and soul of your business. And the perfect has become the enemy of the good.

I can help you bring your marketing in house, guide you through self-promotion, support you as you carve out a social media voice, get you up to speed on simple PR tactics that go a long way, and help you decide what’s worth spending on or what to hire for.

Things we can do together:

  • Mission, vision, values and culture setting workshops

  • Education and training for you or a newly hired/contracted staff

  • Priority setting and deciding what’s going to get you the most value

  • Triage as communications and marketing questions arise

  • Planning and strategizing

How it works.

I don’t have minimums or packages. If you become a client, you’ll schedule hourly calls or coffee dates on your terms, at your pace. I have tons of resources and experiences to share along the way. I can’t wait to help you.

Coaching clients.

Love for my coaching.

CAMERON IS AMAZING! She provided so much value and I have learned so much. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to not only meet her but to get to work with her and learn from her. She helped me to better understand working with social media. How to confidently use it and to grow our accounts. The best methods for maintaining a website and how to keep it working to its highest capability and keeping it updated. She showed me great organization strategies and methods. She was extremely helpful, and if there was something she didn’t know 100%, she was able to help me figure it out through research and problem solving. I cannot thank her enough for how helpful she has been!
— Kayla Horner

Let’s work together.

Can’t wait to support you.